Tax aggregator portal

Tax Aggregator Portal

Over the last five years Capabuild has initiated many tax trainings in the global south with our ecosystem of experienced and skilled tax experts.  Since spring 2020 all these events have been through innovative online real time trainings.  In transitioning to this mode of delivery we recognized there is no global overview of online on demand tax trainings. Capabuild and our knowledge …

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The Case for a Quadripolar World

According to the conventional wisdom, the twenty-first century will be characterized by the global shift from American hegemony to Sino-American rivalry. But a bipolar international order is neither inevitable nor desirable, and we should start imagining and working toward alternative arrangements. CAMBRIDGE – Having diminished America’s global role while refusing to accept China’s growing clout, …

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Designing Vaccines for People, Not Profits

For all the hope spurred by announcements of demonstrated efficacy in multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates, there is still a long way to go to deliver on the promise of a universal, freely available “people’s vaccine.” As matters stand, national and private interests are trumping the principle of health justice. LONDON – Recent announcements of demonstrated …

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Tax Treaty Negotiations: Myth and Reality

Tax treaties are the building blocks of the international tax regime. There are currently over 3000 tax treaties that regulate the lion’s share of cross-border investment. They are largely fashioned after a single model reflecting an increasing convergence of international tax norms. Despite this convergence, and despite the passing of nearly a century from when …

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