We commenced with the Rwanda Revenue Agency (RRA) Training institute representatives discussing a program around capacity building, which aligns with the RRA strategic objectives.

Together with the help of experts from Heineken and Deloitte, we undertook our first webinar covering various topics related to transfer pricing. Capabuild continues the cooperation with RRS including a workshop on tax in the’ digital economy’, building on early joint capacity building.



A guiding principle of Capabuild is to empower nations in the global South to increase revenue collection, and their understanding of their importance in the future world economy. Working with members of the Rwanda Revenue Authority’s Large Taxpayer and International Tax Units, we co-designed a week of presentations, activities, discussions and case studies that brought global tax issues into focus for the group. We sought to understand the RRA’s training desires, and called on our ecosystem of trainers and experts from both the public and private sectors to join us. With a transfer pricing theme, executives from Heineken and Deloitte added to the Capabuild team’s in-house trainers in engaging the participants to think about applying the learning to their specific roles. Across the weeklong webinar, our unique delivery style led to close relationships with the Rwandan staff, and honest and practical insights. After hearing the perspective of multinational enterprises, revenue collectors from the RRA broke into small groups – moderated by our trainers – to analyse how a case study could be resolved to Rwanda’s satisfaction. Non-academic presentations, breakout activities, and constant interactivity have been a feature of our webinars, and this was done with the RRA to great effect. We continue to liaise with our colleagues at the RRA to develop follow up webinars and support.