Capabuild is a PPP and receives funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from private sector sponsors. It has a collaborative agreement with knowledge centers such asĀ  the research organization Committee on Fiscal Studies University of Nairobi.



Donors either fund Capabuild financially by providing, knowledge and expertise. Some support Capabuild by offering both financial and knowledge-based expertise.

Donors are engaged in the activities of Capabuild and are committed to our cause. We consider this vested interest from our donors, a pre-requisite for participating in the Capabuild project.



There is a strong and clear case for capacity building in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for countries. The link between achieving these development goals and tax is undeniable. Strengthened tax systems have been identified as a key source of financing for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

For developing countries, the issue of taxation is becoming more and more challenging. They have limited capacities to ascertain fully how international businesses operate, and limited access to such knowledge, whilst globalisation and digital disruption continues at an unprecedented rate. The Covid-19 pandemic, one the biggest crises we have ever faced, has exacerbated the need for more information relating to international business operations within developing countries.

In turn, for businesses, sound relations with tax authorities and a consistent and reliable tax environment is also key. Furthermore, many businesses signed up to various corporate responsibility initiatives and have expressed a willingness to help in this respect.

Capabuild gives civil society and business an effective and flexible platform to do just that: building tax capacity in developing countries to improve governance and investment climates through training and dialogue.

In view of our focus on on-the-ground training, our limited scale, and because we work closely with tax training centers in developing countries, our projects are well-defined and tailor made. As we work with tax experts from our network, who offer practical experience and, because of our close relationship with our customers in the developing countries, the training programs are efficient, flexible and cost effective.