Capabuild reserves the right to make amendments to this cookie information without prior
notice. Amendments will be effective upon posting on the website.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files of letters and numbers that are sent from a website and stored
in a user’s web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. All
devices with a browser use cookies, whether you access the Internet on a PC, tablet, or
smart phone. When you browse the same website in the future, the data stored in the
cookie present in the user’s browser can be retrieved by that website. Cookies are ‘passive’
as they contain retrievable information, but do not contain programmes, viruses or
malicious software.

Types of cookies
A cookie can be classified by its lifespan and the domain to which it belongs. By lifespan, a
cookie is either a session cookie, which is erased when the user closes the browser, or a
persistent cookie, which remains on the user’s computer/device for a pre-defined period of
time. As for the domain to which it belongs, cookies can be classified as either first-party
cookies, which are set by the web server of the visited page and share the same domain, or
third-party cookies, which are stored by a different domain than the visited page’s domain,
for example when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, that is located outside
its domain.

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies contain information about your visits to our websites and are a convenient way to
transfer your information from one session to another, or between sessions on related
websites. This results in an enhanced browsing experience, as you do not need to re-enter
your login details or preferences each time you visit our websites. For the measurement of
web statistics, we use ‘cookies’ to automatically collect certain information from your web
browser concerning your use of the CapaBuild websites. By analysing the collected data, we
are able to improve our website, thereby further optimizing our service. The collected data
includes details as the time and depth of visits and the pages you, the user, have visited. The
data collected is not given to a third party for any other purpose.
We do not use cookies for any advertising purposes.