The activities we undertake focus specifically on the areas for which Capabuild was established, namely improving training-curricula at tax training centers, and strengthening the capacity of tax training centers to train the trainers and their institutional clients, tax administrations.

Upon request of our customers/counterparts Capabuild involves businesses in Capabuild’s training activities, thereby making it truly a public private partnership instrument. Many tax administrations are eager to learn how multinationals operate and how they view the tax system in our counterparts’ countries. Capabuild ensures that no conflict of interest occurs.

Currently, we have projects (at various stages) in Indonesia, Botswana, Rwanda, and Kenya. Together with partner agency CFS at University of Nairobi we also provide ongoing activities covering multiple countries/regions on the African continent. With our innovation projects we cover the entire African continent and the entire Asian region.  Pipeline projects (from pre feasibility to scoping) are currently being developed for East Timor, Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania.


At the outset, our efforts entail physical visits to the countries involved, where we, in co-operation with the local training centre and tax representatives, define feasibility, scoping and design.

While a major part of the execution of the programs is usually done locally, with the Covid-19 restrictions we aim to do this more online, with the help of video conferencing and other online applications. For this purpose, our production team operates a mobile studio in the Netherlands from which the program is executed in close cooperation with the country’s production team and our moderating team in Australia.

After Covid-19 we expect to continue to do a big part of the work online.


In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have built a state of the art of online education platform, enabling Capabuild to continue our training efforts despite travel limitations and lockdowns.