Welcoming Jos Beerepoot to Our Supervisory Board

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Jos Beerepoot has joined our Supervisory Board.
“Every step towards truly global cooperation will make this world a better place for all,” says Mr. Beerepoot, a sentiment that perfectly aligns with our mission.
Mr. Beerepoot brings over 40 years of experience in global tax governance and international cooperation. His journey began in 1982 as a tax inspector with the Dutch tax authorities. Over the years, he transitioned into advisory roles, specializing in Dutch and international tax law.
In 2000, he became Head of Group Tax at Unilever, where he championed fair tax practices and development initiatives, collaborating with businesses, NGOs, and the Dutch government. He also contributed significantly to the OECD’s task force on Tax and Development.
From 2013 until his retirement in December 2023, he served as Managing Director Group Taxation at ABN AMRO. Mr. Beerepoot has played a pivotal role in shaping responsible tax policies and governance. His impressive portfolio includes serving as General Treasurer of the International Fiscal Association, a board member of the Dutch Society of Tax Law, and a key contributor to the Dutch Tax Governance Code. With his extensive background and steadfast commitment to global cooperation, Mr. Beerepoot is a valuable addition to our board. He succeeds Theo Groeneveld, who after many years of dedicated service, has decided to step down to allow for new perspectives. Theo remains deeply committed to Capabuild and will continue his support as an external Governance Expert.
We look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience Jos brings to our team and the continued guidance from Theo in his new capacity.



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