Innovation Project

Capabuild is entirely demand driven. Often, we receive training requests focusing on transfer pricing, double tax agreements and international aspects of corporate tax.

Mining the Miners: "Is VAT the Right Option to Tax Crypto Assets?"

This time, Capabuild was approached by the Indonesian Government’s Financial Education and Training Agency to work with their internal college PKN Stan to jointly give a webinar on Crypto Assets and Value Added Tax. The international team of trainers included experts from the Indonesian Tax Revenue Authority, and PKN Stan. The webinar provided insight into the Indian experience with VAT on Crypto Assets, and the European perspective on this topic. Large tech company Naspers Prosus’ Mergers and Acquisition specialist explained what they look for when scouting opportunities in the crypto space and what they view as an important role of governments guiding the crypt sector.  The discussion covered what and where to tax, the platform, or the individual? The video is a summary of high lights of this popular webinar with over 200 attendants and over 1200 people participating via PKN Stan’s Youtube channel.

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