Capabuild provides on-the-ground tax training and training programs which are demand driven, independent, flexible in execution and contain advice from business.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have evolved our face-to-face training programs into an online offering. With the help of education and technical experts, we have created an on-line platform through which our programs are delivered, enabling continued interactivity with our customers. Most of our training is provided in ‘live’ sessions with our counterparts. They include policy discussions, case studies, break out room activities, and extensive anonymous polling throughout the training sessions.


Effective mobilization of domestic resources, including through taxation, is critical in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals for each country.


To assist developing countries to advance their knowledge in taxation to achieve a more effective mobilization of their resources through taxation, and to facilitate a balanced development of their investment climate.


The Capabuild Foundation is an organisation founded on the belief that the global South can and should own the solutions to its own futures. By empowering revenue collectors and supporting good policy, we build on the following notions:

South-South Connections:

Equity, sustainable solutions and a concerted voice from the marginalised lies in collaboration and shared knowledge. Capabuild facilitates partnerships and brings together voices from the global South to train, share understandings and develop common approaches.

Tax is Not an Island:

Given the very rapid and volatile changes in the area of tax and particularly international tax (think pillar 1 and 2), it is crucial that we, as a training organization, can adapt and anticipate demand in new areas. Beyond that, we recognize that tax is the domain of citizens and we partner with many government departments and civil society to work for holistic solutions.

Multiple Truths:

While certain positions dominate the agenda and news cycle of tax reform, we believe that individual revenue collectors and governments can make the decisions which are best for them. Being armed with the highest knowledge and joined to networks creates empowerment.

Demand Driven Approach:

Capabuild’s reputation as creating a platform for south-south connections and a multiplicity of views to be considered leads to approaches from across the developing world. Revenue service and training organisations approach and trust us to co-create learning on issues pertinent to them and their current work.

Revenue service approaches us, seeking training, from which we develop collaborative and on-going relationships.