Capabuild Five Years Anniversary

The Capabuild Foundation is proud, grateful and honoured to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We wish to thank all those who were at the start of Capabuild and made this happen. We thank Paul de Haan (auctor intellectualis of the Capabuild concept) who recently disembarked Capabuild after five years of full dedication. But also, we are grateful towards other co-founders Anna Bardadin, Victor van Kommer and Wiebe Anema. Appreciation is due also to the Dutch Department of Foreign Affairs. Mark Melzer, Serge de Reus, various leaders from PwC, our friends at Deloitte, United Trust, KPMG Meijburg & Co, EY andother individuals and organisations have been of great support in the Capabuild journey. A public private partnership in tax training is a unique concept and we are proud to see the results of this tremendous effort.

In serving our partners, we are thankful to them and the work that tax professionals do in contributing to the healthy and sustainable growth of societies around the world. Tax is a human rights issue and we are proud of the way that our partner organisations have embraced our methods, worked alongside us in developing our training, forgiven our errors and celebrated our mutual successes. 

The supervisory board of Capabuild has been instrumental in guiding this path of growth and innovation. We thank Chair of the Supervisory Board Professor Attiya Waris and the eminent Theo Groeneveld. They have been on the Capabuild journey since it commenced. Since then, we have welcomed Supervisory Board member Martina Kampmann.  We thank them for all their wisdom and practical advice, on top of their continuous availability as a sparring partner, and critical attitude when needed.  

Most of all we want to thank all the trainers and facilitators who have given of their time and knowledge in many different ways in the last five years. Without their expertise and passion Capabuild would not have been possible, and we look forward to continuing those relationships and building more. We want to mention especially our anchormen: Garry Dagg, Premkumar Baldewsing and Martin Bergwerff.  And thank you Cecil Abigail for all your help in the office and in all projects. Capabuild is firmly rooted in a team mentality and a belief that the collective is strengthened by the contribution of each individual, and as each individual grows, so too does the collective.


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